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Monday, June 1, 2009

What is Humanistic Spirituality?


This article discusses a concept I call "Humanistic Spirituality."

It is an inclusive philosophy involving what I (inelegantly) call "The Six Connectednesses": connectedness with oneself, others, one's society, nature, the universe, and "everything."

It suggests that everyone--the person of faith and the atheist--is interested in being happy (what the religions call enlightenment, salvation, liberation, etc.)

After the terms "Humanistic" and "Spirituality" are defined, the article looks more deeply at "The Six Connectednesses" as well as the paths to connection. These embrace "all that is gloriously human," including (but not limited to): academic subjects; the arts; "Great Books" and the spiritual classics; pop culture; the world's religions; the natural environment; relationships; and practices.

The virtues of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty are also explored.

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